Chair Chrome Style Black

The Chair Chrome Style, it is inspired in one of the most popular models of the design of forefront of the 20th century of prestigious designers. Elegance, comfort and style join to give a special touch to his dining room or his office.
The structure of the body is constructed by plastic (polypropylene) of high quality, which will provide a high permanence to the product, and the legs have been made chromed metal of top quality, providing solidity and resistance to the chair. In turn, his form adapts ideally to the form of the body, providing a maximum comfort.
Certificate of homologation SGS EN 12520. 
Product of high quality.

Height81 cm
Width46.5 cm
Depth53.5 cm
Weight4.1 kg
MaterialPolypropylene - Metal
Mesures BOX MasterBOX 1: 55 cm x 63 cm x 48,5 cm WEIGHT: 24,14 kg / BOX 2: 5 cm x 41,5 cm x 41,5 cm WEIGHT 2: 65 kg
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